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wordpress plugins records
a3 Lazy Load load images and other resources when needed. Crayon Syntax Highlighter highlight programming codes & support lots of languages. DX-Watermark automatic add watermark for images & support watermark type : text and image. Enable Media Replace convenient to replace media uploaded without modifying media info. EWWW Image Optimizer auto optimaze image. Image Watermark add image watermark for images & support disable righ click&drag events. Media Library Assistant convenient to manage media library with adding categories & tags for media. Menu Icons icons & fonts library. Netease Music a nice plugin for fetching your netease music albums & musics & adding to your homepage. Simple User Avatar help you use images in your media library as your avatar. Wordfence Security a good plugin defend your website against attacking. WP an editor that supports markdown language. WP Fastest Cache cache system for your site to make it run faster. WP-Piwik Adds Piwik statistics to your WordPress dashboard and is also able to add the Piwik Tracking Code to your blog. WP文件管理器 a free wp…