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Ajax Packaged
try to pakage ajax by myself optional paramas: method: get(default) post url data: Allow Type: Object, FormData dataType: Object(default) , auto translate to urldecode json file async: true(default) false showProgress: if dataType is "file" and this is a function, it will be called instantly success: callback function while request successfully param: server responseText fail: callback funciton while request failed main function function ajax(options){ var opt = { method: "GET", async: true, } //if browser dosen't support Object.assign() you can define by yourself Object.assign(opt,options) if(!opt.url) return var XMLHttp = null if(XMLHttpRequest){ XMLHttp = new XMLHttpRequest() }else{ XMLHttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") } //method: post if(!!opt.method && opt.method.toUpperCase() == "POST"){"POST",opt.url,opt.async) //dataType: json if(!!opt.dataType && opt.dataType.toUpperCase() == "JSON"){ opt.postData = JSON.stringify( XMLHttp.setRequestHeader("Content-Type","application/json") XMLHttp.send(opt.postData) } //dataType: file else if(!!opt.dataType && opt.dataType.toUpperCase() == "FILE"){ XMLHttp.send( } //dataType: Object else{ var param = [] for(var key in{ if({ param.push(key+"="[key]) } } opt.postData = param.join('&') var urlparams = opt.url.slice(opt.url.indexOf('?')+1) if(urlparams.indexOf('?') == -1){ opt.postData.concat('&'+urlparams) } XMLHttp.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8') XMLHttp.send(opt.postData) } } //method: get else if(opt.method.toUpperCase() === "GET"){ var params = [] if(!!{ for(var…
wordpress plugins records
a3 Lazy Load load images and other resources when needed. Crayon Syntax Highlighter highlight programming codes & support lots of languages. DX-Watermark automatic add watermark for images & support watermark type : text and image. Enable Media Replace convenient to replace media uploaded without modifying media info. EWWW Image Optimizer auto optimaze image. Image Watermark add image watermark for images & support disable righ click&drag events. Media Library Assistant convenient to manage media library with adding categories & tags for media. Menu Icons icons & fonts library. Netease Music a nice plugin for fetching your netease music albums & musics & adding to your homepage. Simple User Avatar help you use images in your media library as your avatar. Wordfence Security a good plugin defend your website against attacking. WP an editor that supports markdown language. WP Fastest Cache cache system for your site to make it run faster. WP-Piwik Adds Piwik statistics to your WordPress dashboard and is also able to add the Piwik Tracking Code to your blog. WP文件管理器 a free wp…