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Class4 Website
click to visit website website constructure -index.php -announce.php -favicon.ico -api ---download.php ---handle.php ---sendMessage.php -admin ---adminLogin.php ---adminLogin_handle.php ---adminSystem.php ---announceAdd.php ---annouceManager.php ---annouceModify.php ---annouceModifyHandle.php ---destroyLogin.php ---downFile.php ---fileManage.php ---handle_function.php ---loginCheck.php ---messageManage.php ---signUp.php ---signUp_handle.php ---userManage.php ---config.php ---connect.php -css -js -img -music -fla -database_back -version connect with mysql database /** * config.php * define mysql connect infomation */ define('HOST','localhost'); define('USERNAME','root'); define('PASSWORD','123456'); /** * connect.php * connect to mysql database */ //require config file require_once('config.php'); //connect with daatabase if(!$conn = mysqli_connect(HOST,USERNAME,PASSWORD)){ echo mysqli_error($conn); } //select databse if(!mysqli_select_db($conn,'database name')){ echo mysqli_error($conn); } //set character sets if(!mysqli_query($conn,'SET NAMES UTF8')){ echo mysqli_error($conn); } file handle //define function readDirectory(path) function readDirectory($path){ //open dir and save as variable $handle $handle = opendir($path); $arr = null; while(($item = readdir($handle)) !== false){ //read successful and exclude the condition, dot and double dots(. & ..) if ($item!="."&&$item!="..") { //test if is file if (is_file($path."/".$item)) { $arr['file'][] = $item; } if (is_dir($path."/".$item)) { $arr['dir'][] = $item; } } } closedir($handle); return $arr; } //get file size : filesize($path) //get extension name : explode('.',$filename) //delete file : unlink($path) //define function uploadFile($file) function…